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This is a quick reference guide to help you find what you are looking for. As you read through the pages you will find links to other pages to assist you, provide further explanations and define certain terms that may be unfamiliar. My intention was to be as organic as possible, however sometimes you just need to find what you need and get on your way again.

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I recently rebranded this site from being, which if I'm totally honest I never really liked as a title, to the much more appropriate

I originally chose Pilot Scotland as it was suggested by the web hosting software as a more searchable option. To be fair my research did bear this out to be quite true as "flying" has many more interpretations and connotations than "Pilot", from guitars to steam trains. In the end I believe that the word pilot is not broad enough to embrace everyone that I have written this site for. Aviation suffers enough of an image problem already in terms of being exclusive to put anyone else off.

I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and experiences, not just about this site either, tell us about books you have enjoyed, places you have visited or people you have met.

Share your stories if they are informative, interesting or just funny. You can have your own page here to share with friends and get your name in print. They do not even need to be true stories, everyone loves a good yarn, provided that you make it clear that yours is a work of literary fiction.

The only caveat is that the story must be set in or have a direct relationship to flying in Scotland. If for example your uncle Roddy from Inverness was a navy pilot and you want to tell us about his exploits in Korea, that fits the bill, I'm all ears.

If you like what you see, tell all of your friends, if you don't, Tell me!

Likewise if you would like to share your pictures, send them in and you will get full credit for them. There are some really talented photographers, writers and enthusiasts with hoards of information that the rest of us would love to tap into. Don't be shy, your content is just as valuable, perhaps even more so than anyone else's.

This snapshot of gliders gathering in a thermal at Portmoak was taken by one of the cadets. He (or perhaps she) wanted to remain nameless just in case one of the instructors gave them trouble for not paying attention to their flying. A case in point for both views. The quality of the shot suggests it was a quick snap to capture the moment. The realisation that taking the shot was a distraction from flying suggests an awareness and sensible attitude to the limited risk involved in doing so.

Thanks for your contribution.