Services I provide to help your ambitions fly.

How may I be of service to you? I pride myself on being flexible and I love solving problems, especially where communication is a key factor. I can provide a unique perspective on your business so if you need some quality content for your blog, advertising or customer contact then I'd be delighted to discuss options for free and without obligation.

I have an extensive and growing library of photographs taken from the air during my travels which can add a richness to your marketing mix at an affordable price.

Three decades of service to others has brought me to this point with a unique skill set and outlook on life. I love the written word almost as much as I love flying, which is just as well since a great deal of those three decades has been devoted to writing. It is time for me to shine on a different stage and embrace the opportunity to work with you.

Writing Services.

Most business owners are, quite rightly, focussed on running their business so have little time to devote to marketing and communicating with potential customers, even though those customers are the future of their business. I understand how difficult it can be to maintain a website or update a blog when there are more pressing issues that require your attention. I have been surprised to see how much money is being spent on advertising that is often much less effective and certainly less personal then a company website or blog.

I can provide the content you need, tailored to your own unique business or service as a one off ,or on a regular basis to keep your content fresh and potential customers engaged. Flying offers an unusual perspective that can take your breath away, that is what I aim to bring to your project.

I have the pleasure of writing the biography of a talented pilot and businessman which is now almost complete. I will be happy to discuss options if you would like to see your life on the bookshelf.

Advertising Services.

I am actively looking for collaborative partners to advertise on I have a niche and growing audience with an interesting demographic. They are a 60%/40% split male/female, mostly professional or skilled manual aged 35-65 with another spike in the 16-25 age range. The majority of visitors to the site are currently in the USA.

I am especially keen to hear from clients in the aviation, hotel and web development industries.

Information Services.

I am working on a series of information products from free guides and infographics to books and custom reports.

I can offer advice an information on comparisons of training establishments or guide you on the best options if you want to fly for fun. I can advise on charter services, tour routes, aircraft hire and accommodation options. These can go into much more detail than would be possible on a standalone web page and would be tailored to your individual requirements.

It costs nothing to ask so please drop me an e-mail enquiry or call to discuss your requirements. As a guide such projects are charged at the hourly rate which is currently £30.

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