HOTI or Hottie?

HOTI or Humans of Talent and Interest, was inspired by a Zoom talk by photographer Elaine Livingstone in the earliest days of 2021. Elaine is currently working on a project for Glasgow Live, taking portrait photographs of Glasgow folk with a wee interview on whatever subject matter they like. This was in turn inspired by the Humans of New York project. Elaine's observation that the project was becoming a fascinating social document really struck a chord. This will I hope become an archive of interesting and talented people in the Scottish flying scene. Read More...

Dugald Cameron. The first in the series in Professor Dugald Cameron OBE. Dugald is an aviation artist, author and the man behind the famous Squadron Prints brand. He Has chaired the Prestwick Airport Consultative committee, presided over the Royal Aeronautical Society Prestwick branch and remains a trustee of the Baird of Bute Society. He has been an inspiration to many and his dry sense of humour made for a really enjoyable interview. Click here to read more...

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I have always been fascinated by people and I really liked the "humans of" aspect of the title. I also liked the idea of pitching the project to prospective candidates as being the next hottie. There were other options open including humans of the (aviation) industry, but that seemed too clunky. The official meaning is "talent and interest" being officially pronounced "hottie". The term is entirely complimentary and carries no affiliation to a particular gender, allusion to trains of thought, potential actions or plots. Anyone who reads into it or sees it as otherwise is welcome to do so of course, safe in the knowledge that they are wrong. It says more about you dear reader than anyone else I'm afraid. I would encourage anyone in doubt to seek out the assistance of their preferred counselling provider and keep their opinions utterly private until the urge to embarrass themselves in public passes.

If you would like to take part in the project I'd love to hear from you so drop me a line or get in touch through social media. The links are in the tab above. 

HOTI Key Workers in the Aviation Sector.

Scotland's airports have been on the front line from the outset as our geography is very well suited to air links. Aircraft have been adapted for pandemic support duties and staff continue to fly essential routes for medical and supply tasks. Air ambulances have kept people alive while police and coastguard services have watched over us. Air traffic controllers have remained vigilant while ground support staff have helped all of this happen. I for one am very grateful that you are there, you are all HOTI in my book. I would love to hear from you and share your story. Thank you.

As lockdown restrictions are still in force at the time of writing options are necessarily very limited but that does not mean impossible. I welcome enquires from pilots, instructors, students, enthusiasts, artists, writers and anyone planning a trip once restrictions ease. I would particularly welcome a socially distanced chat with residents of North Ayrshire to keep us all safe and legal. Articles and photographs can always be updated later. 

Interesting and Talented Humans...

HOTI student pilots from the University of Glasgow and Strathclyde Air Squadron at Prestwick airshow a few years ago. Where are you all now I wonder? Drop by and say Hi on Instagram or Facebook.