Looking for helicopter pilot jobs in Scotland?

You are unlikely to find an ad for helicopter pilot jobs in the local paper or job centre.

The reality is that there is a steady stream of very qualified and highly experienced pilots leaving military service.  These ladies and gentlemen are not just great pilots but are used to using their own initiative to get where they want to be.

If you want to compete in the job market you are going to have to work hard.

There are significant opportunities available especially in the North Sea oil industry.  The nature and geography of such work means that it is not always attractive to the retired military types.

In order to fly with the police or other emergency service the Home Office have stipulated that military training is a must have criteria.  The emergency services all contract out thier air assets to private industry so there may be other avenues to explore.

If you are a pilot looking for a job then the only real way is to sell yourself to the operators directly.  The good news is that the list is a fairly short one for helicopter pilots and crew.

If you are currently training or considering a career as a helicopter pilot then you should consider your job options very carefully before you commit yourself. Especially if you want to live and work in Scotland.   

There are several helicopter companies offering, training, charter, film and tours as well as airial lifting contracts.  Each job obviously requires a pilot or two and there are opportunities there.  It may well be the case that you will need to be creative to get a foot in the door but if you are smart enough to have a commercial pilot's licence for helicopters then you should be eloquent enough to talk your way in.

I believe the greatest opportunities lie in wait for an entrepreneurial type to take advantage.  The geography of Scotland means that while distances are relatively small, journey times can be significant by road.

I can see potential in the air taxi and air courier sectors for small operators especially in the highlands and islands. Blue chip companies based in the south with business interests in Scotland often do not understand the lack of productivity of travelling engineers or reps in Scotland.  They do not have access to the same kind of motorway links as are available in the south.

Wherever time is money there is money to be made and potentially jobs for helicopter pilots who could eat the miles. The big operators may not see enough potential profit margin but can you?  

Helicopter pilot jobs to home.