Exactly what does it take to fly and operate helicopters?

Helicopters are very complicated machines which makes them a real challenge to fly and maintain. Unfortunately that also tends to make them very expensive.

Their flexibility and ability to take off and land in all sorts of interesting places without an airfield makes them exciting. They certainly earn their keep in every branch of the military, emergency services and TV companies. What a CV!

The ability to fly from your garden directly to your country club making a really dramatic entrance makes a fantastic statement. If only we all had big enough gardens and a lifestyle like that!

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Photo courtesy of scotlandinaweek.com

These machines may be the absolute future of travel and the demand for pilots has been growing over the last few years. I expect manufacturers to work on making more cost effective, simpler machines like the Robinson R22.

There is a supply of ex military pilots continually leaving the services who will always be in demand as their training and experience will be difficult to match. That is not to say though that there will not be opportunities for anyone else.

The reality is that whether for pleasure or business helicopters are more accessible as an option than many people imagine. Let's explore that a little further.

The majority of aircraft now are jet powered which takes them into a whole different league of expense and complexity. For the private pilot though there are piston engine options which are more affordable.

This site is not just about buying and operating your own aircraft though so the plan is also to look at careers and opportunities to fly in other peoples machines. Perhaps the best way to do that is to speak to some of the people who are already doing it from the police to power company engineers to get you inspired.

Check out this link for more details on costs, licence requirements and helicopter flight schools

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