Scotair17, Ayr Beachfront Airshow 2017.

Scotair17 is the snappier title for the Scottish International Airshow held at the weekend at Ayr, prefixed with a hashtag it snapped, tweeted and Faced its way around the social media channels, helped along by West FM radio.

Happily the weather held on Saturday and although Sunday was pretty dreich there was still a flat display by numerous pilots keen not to let the crowds down. With the total loss of our only other significant airshow at East Fortune this year due to incredibly low cloud and heavy showers, the staff and display teams who brought Scotair17 together saved us from the aviation DT's and I for one am truly thankful.

Welcome to the Belgian with his Little Grey Jet...

Ok, perhaps not so little and certainly impressive, my wife's addiction to Hercule Poirot has got under my skin.

Captain Tom De Moortel opened the show on Saturday with a high energy display flown with real flair. (See what I did there?) His callsign is "Gizmo" but there were no gremlins in this show which was nice and tight and closer in to the crowd line than some.

Safety concerns tended to push display lines further away last year but I am happy to report that the organisers at Ayr and many of the pilots this year brought it back in and down so we could have a proper look. Thanks guys.

There is nothing more frustrating than watching a dot in the distance, of course safety is important but we were in danger of losing all of the atmosphere of the show. Gizmo was close enough for us to feel the vibrations from that mighty engine in our chests.

This is Gismo's third year as a display pilot in the F16 and his last in the Belgian Air Force as he is retiring at the end of the season.

Very best wishes sir, whatever path you choose for the future.

It is undoubtedly a mark of quality that the team behind #Scotair17 have been able to attract displays from NATO partners, the growth of the event is clearly inspiring confidence and commitment.

An estimated 110,000 visitors at Ayr on Saturday alone makes this year the biggest yet.

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